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My name is Jay-R.  Welcome to this mess which is my site.

First, I commend you for a job well done of finding me. Such a feat deserves a fist bump! Here:

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Good. Now that we got that out of the way, I’m supposed to write a bio here, am I? Well, my website is called the man with a cap because I’ve been wearing a cap for as long as I can remember (most of the time). Sometimes, people refer to me as the “guy” with the cap. I reckon me and Spiderman have those issues in common. That makes me a superhero, right? (I don’t think people would believe I actually deal with C-level executives after reading this.) This website is a wealth of evidence that I wasn’t hatched – or sane for that matter. Just kiddin’. I’m very sane. Please don’t judge me on that brief lapse in judgment.

But first things first: connect with me! Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | LinkedIn | Flickr | 500px | Stage32 | should I keep going?

A bit of a backgrounder for myself – I’m a seasoned writer, marketer, photographer, manager, linguist, and professional planner. I live in the turbulent world of tall buildings, jeepneys, and monitors – Manila. I have an extensive knowledge of communication arts and edicts. Details are my game.

I have done a great deal of jobs in the corporate world for a good 7 years, but I consider myself more of a writer. I write both academic and subjective content. My works have been published and featured in numerous verticals. If you want to know more about me professionally or if you’re looking to work with me or hire me, please visit this page to find out more how we can collaborate. However, if you’re looking to take a gander at the hodge podge I’ve written over the years, I highly recommend checking out my works at Amazon – the latest being, Crypto Ecstasy:

I am a Business Development Manager at Coin News Asia and a New Money Systems Board member at the Lifeboat Foundation. I’ve been immersing myself in the compelling world of bitcoin (as well as alternative cryptocurrencies and cybersecurity) for a good five years. I enjoy connecting with professionals from disparate industries. Or y’know, just acknowledging them.  I worked as a freelance Bitcoin Consultation/Content Manager, Websites Manager, and Production Associate for various companies, and Bill Summary Writer at Philippine House of Representatives which means I used to work for the government at some point.


I’ve been travelling since 2010 (well, sort of.) I come from the Philippines which is an insanely beautiful country on its own, so it is a challenge to entice me with new environs. But the world is big, and there’s lots to see. My first trip abroad was China, and just like all the other idiots online, I was hooked on travelling. I’ll do my best to share my experiences here.  Hopefully we can meet someday, and we can share stories over a pint… or two.

Hong Kong

If you are a part of the normal folk, taking a gander, with slightly mundane ideas or inquiries, I surprisingly entertain those as well. You can shoot me an email on any topic, and I’ll do my best to give a worthwhile conversation.  I’m still setting up a work email address for this website, but you may reach me at gatdula.jayr@gmail.com for inquiries (just until I set up a proper contact form).