Merry Christmas from the Man with the Cap!

Merry Christmas

HeaderYeap, it’s Christmas already! In just a week, it’ll be another year. You know what this means – I’m going to wax nostalgia off this sodding post.

Nah. But seriously, I would like to thank everyone who has been coming to this website from the endless depths of the abyss that is my mind. Okay, my heart.

Yes, I see you. I have analytics, y’know. What? You think you’re the only one who can stalk the hell out of the internet?

Anyway, this is just going to be sort of an update and a declaration of my love for you for visiting my website often. I’m guessing you’re a regular here. It’ll be awkward if you just happen to read my Christmas message, and this is the very first thing you’ve read on the site.

Also, this is not exclusively for Christians just because it says Merry Christmas. I also want to express my gratitude to my audiences of all religions. You’re awesome just the way you are. 😉

I’m still exploring a working schedule for posts on the website. For now, you may have noticed a pattern already. I usually post this way (somewhat):

  • Mondays: Travel posts
  • Wednesdays: Science musings
  • Fridays: Writing prompt project posts (fiction)

I feel like I have a good rhythm going with this one. However, I have lots of plans for next year like…

Xmas Plan

Kiddin’. For one, I would like to bump up the posts to daily ones. This is ambitious for my line of “work,” but I’ll try.

I’m also thinking about publishing comics. I’m not much of an artist, but there’s no harm in trying. At least, if that doesn’t work, I’ll just scrap that altogether – no biggie.

And finally, my most ambitious plan yet – making vlogs! It is a trend for travelers, and I think it’s a good way to maximise the exotic and wonderful locations I happen to come to. Lots of exciting things to come!

Anyway, this yuletide season, I just want to greet you a Merry Christmas! (and other religion-sensitive greetings too!)

P.S. I’ll save the nostalgia for the year ender post. Happy Holidays!