A Nippy Stroll at the Great British Festival 2017

British Festival 2017

It’s been a hectic week – with lots of events going round. Since I’m going to be attending a lot of these gatherings, I’m going to start covering events too. For my first entry in this category, I had the pleasure of witness this year’s British Festival at the Bonifacio High Street last weekend.

Sponsored by the British Embassy Manila and with a promise of a great range of food, drinks, entertainment, street artists, art workshops, car displays, and the very best of British fashion from great British businesses, the Great British Festival delivers to its target audience. Plus, the admission was free.

British Festival Manila

Great British brands were on display at the Trade Exhibition area of the festival, featuring more than 20 well-known companies whose products and services ranked excellently in the world. Their respective booths offered visitors with more detailed knowledge, product samples, and information that would appeal to a wide range of interests.

British Festival Bonifacio High Street

The trade booths also provided opportunities for trade and business exchange of information and provide insights to future areas of growth between British and Filipino business institutions and groups. Not only that, lots of British educational institutions offered a wide array of assistance from visas to choosing the right school – essentially a nifty way to get us all studying in the UK.

British Festival Taguig

After having a couple of scotches and a beer, I reckon this event was as splendid as I’d thought it would be. My only regret was that most of the food offered in the event were processed foods, and since I’m doing paleo, it was a bit of a challenge to avoid all those sneaky temptations in the form of cookies, shortcakes, brownies, and other assorted pastries guaranteed to up my allowed sugar intake. Nevertheless, the entire event was a pretty good one, and perhaps I’ll be able to attend the next ones too.

British Festival 2017