It’s Happening – Robots Replace Writers!


Writers beware – not only are our humble scribblers ridiculously underpaid and in the bottom of the employment heap, they are also in the brink of replacement from a new form of artificial intelligence. Yes, robots can actually construct free flowing content now – we might as well revolt against the system because apparently, content is no longer king. Or perhaps it still is, only our friendly step to singularity has joined in all the fun, and we will be indebted to machines for our articles very soon.

A few months ago, I’ve written a piece on LinkedIn entitled Hello There, Humble Ghost Writer, discussing my qualms regarding the content industry. It’s very easy to overlook writers because content is abundant and it seems to get generated easily – that is far from the truth. Writing is very difficult, and it needs a certain amount of discipline only passionate scribblers can attain and perfect.

But now China does it again when a robot reporter by the name of Xiao Nan created its first article for Chinese media outlet Southern Metropolis Daily. And take note, the ridiculously intelligent robot wrote an entire article in one second – one second! One Mississippi, and poof! Here’s your article. Try to beat that, speed typists. This machine created an article with 300 characters on the subject of the Spring Festival travel rush, which was a middle niche in terms of specificity.

This is seriously disturbing. Once the world fails to determine human-created content and differentiate it from content generated by AI, then the balance of technology and humanity has officially blurred. Seriously. Not to sound melodramatic, but singularity is a real thing, people. Check it out why we need to talk about singularity more often than we should. In any case, I will just keep on spewing content anyway. Perhaps we can still overwhelm the AI with the dominating profusion of our organic content. Or perhaps they already have the upper hand?