My New Book Is Out! Know More about Crypto Ecstasy

Crypto Ecstasy

So you may have noticed a huge gap in the content I’ve been spewing out these past few weeks. That’s because I’ve used most of my time polishing my new book, Crypto Ecstasy which is now live on Amazon + Kindle! I’m really f&cking excited:

Yeah, that’s how excited I am.

Anyway, I’ll talk a little bit about the book and how it has come to fruition – apart from the very vague description I’ve uploaded on Amazon, that is. Essentially, Crypto Ecstasy is a collection of 15 short stories – post-apocalyptic, insane, and fun (I think).

Writing a novel has been a real struggle – as writers, we cannot pinpoint where to begin, we cannot pinpoint where to stop – basically, it’s a whole f&cking mess. From time to time, I join what they call NaNoWriMo or the National Novel Writing Month. There’s a quota of 50,000 words, and writers have the entire month of November to write their novels. I fail miserably every single time. 🙂

Don’t get me wrong; I’m not shying away from actually making novels. It doesn’t define my writing prowess in general either. Writing is very, very time consuming, and it requires beyond human focus. 50,000 words about one story can be a real challenge to construct. Novelists are the real deal.

Then add the fact that writers are always bombarded with different stimuli – influencing our moods, altering our thought patterns, inspiring radically disparate ideas from the ones we already have. The whole predicament is interesting, but at the same time, very disadvantageous as consistency takes a step back. When it does, it’s hard to get the lost focus back, and eventually this leads to tragic unfinished novels taking up caches and caches of space in your drive.

Hence, since I’ve accumulated a decent amount of stories, anecdotes, and quaint tidbits of literature, I’ve decided to compile them in one book instead. And I think 15 of them might just do the trick – I mean they’re really a force to be reckoned with when united in one tome, or file if you will.

With the original title, Livin’ in a Crypto Ecstasy, publishers have decided that it might be too confusing for a title. Hence, Crypto Ecstasy was born. The 15 stories are entitled as follows:

  1. The Premonitions
  2. White Noise
  3. Chiriko
  4. STONE
  5. Full Circle
  6. Wallace’s Speech
  7. Reev
  8. Cumulus
  9. The Little Code
  10. Bullets in the Blue Sky
  11. On Writing
  12. Crypto Ecstasy (Livin’ in a Crypto Ecstasy)
  13. A Letter to M
  14. Revenge Is the Best Revenge
  15. Where’s Ahmad?

Amazon provides a little sneak peek via this page: Crypto Ecstasy. You can either send a sample to your Kindle device or use the Look inside function to browse a few pages. Hope you enjoy this book – I know I do. I’m even rereading it again, and I’m the one who wrote it! Cheers.

P.S. More books to come. 🙂