Jay-R Gatdula

Hi, I'm Jay-R.

In the fintech world, I'm a cryptocurrency and business development professional. 

In the other world, I write, travel, eat, and act normal.

This is the other world, er... part. 

Witness my adventures and insanity here.

The Man with the Cap
The Golden Age of YouTube

Is 2007 the Golden Age of YouTube?

For great procrastinators out there, YouTube is one of the culprits for all the lost productivity in any setting (especially...

Malaysian Monkey

A Monkey Stole My Drink at the Batu Caves

How many steps are these? Around 250 plus? Count me in. One of the main sites being pushed by Malaysian...

Phuket to Bangkok by Train

Phuket to Bangkok by Train – the Best View of Thailand’s Countryside

Let me start by saying there are no trains from Phuket to Bangkok. You need to take the bus to...

Phuket on a budget

How to Enjoy Phuket on a Budget

Phuket is a gargantuan place, despite being the second smallest province in Thailand. I was astounded to go around such...


Today, EDSA was an abomination

June 18, 2015 – After an exhausting albeit productive day, I was eager to watch The Grandmaster or to continue my Shingeki no...


Why Do People in Lines Walk like Penguins?

  It’s like asking the same question as “Why is Manila so dark at night these days?” or “Why are...

Hainanese Delights

The Hainanese Delights Politeness Experiment

I honestly think that flash mobs are great, so this explains the photo of the random dancing people in front...


The “Do You Have a Smaller Bill?” Predicament

It is not advisable to compare countries with each other, but I daresay that only here in the Philippines is...

Vietnam to Cambodia

Vietnam to Cambodia by Bus – A Distinct Path across Indochina

For those of you planning on travelling from Vietnam to Cambodia by bus, you’re in luck because in just 6...


O’ the Irony

I This photo above represents one of the great ironies I have been encountering for the past few months. It’s...