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The Man with the Cap
National Mosque of Malaysia

The Real Meaning of Islam – Dropping by the National Mosque of Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur is quite a unique metropolis to explore. It has the vibe in which the city and nature meld...

Christmas Banner

Merry Christmas from the Man with the Cap!

Yeap, it’s Christmas already! In just a week, it’ll be another year. You know what this means – I’m going...

Burgers of Manila

The Burgers of Manila – the Best and the Worst Burgers in the Metro

I can still remember the now defunct first Sango Yakiniku rice burger I had at Shangri-la Plaza. It’s quite ironic...

National Museum of the Philippines

That Quick Visit to the National Museum of the Philippines

Hello friend, What are you doing? Why are you reading this? Having fun? Well, thanks for reading. 🙂 But seriously,...


A Procrastinator’s Guide to the Internet

Hello Dear Procrastinator, I am writing to you in the middle of the night in crazy Manila with only the...

Genetic Enhancement

Genetic Enhancement – Yay or Nay?

Would you want to alter your future children’s genes to make them smarter, stronger, or better looking? This is the...

Joanne Teddy Bear Museum

Mystical Jeju Island (Part 5 – A Song of Teddy Bears, Tricks, Nanta, and Ice)

If you’ve missed the first part/s of this series, I highly recommend reading them from the start. (I’ll provide all...


How Can I Remember What I’ve Learned?

This is a totally mindf&cking question that has plagued me for ages. A lot of my students, and at times,...

Universe Delete Button

What If the Universe Has a Delete Button, and We’re All Doomed?

There are many doomsday scenarios to go around nowadays. For instance, the show called No Tomorrow has a main character,...


Are You Talking to a Real Person Online?

Have you ever wondered if the person you’ve been chatting to online is real? I have some bad news for...