Jay-R Gatdula

Hi, I'm Jay-R.

In the fintech world, I'm a cryptocurrency and business development professional. 

In the other world, I write, travel, eat, and act normal.

This is the other world, er... part. 

Witness my adventures and insanity here.

The Man with the Cap

How Can I Remember What I’ve Learned?

This is a totally mindf&cking question that has plagued me for ages. A lot of my students, and at times,...

Universe Delete Button

What If the Universe Has a Delete Button, and We’re All Doomed?

There are many doomsday scenarios to go around nowadays. For instance, the show called No Tomorrow has a main character,...


Are You Talking to a Real Person Online?

Have you ever wondered if the person you’ve been chatting to online is real? I have some bad news for...

Autoritarian Government

Is a Totalitarian Government Good for the World?

There has been a massive shift in the dynamics of the foreign policy of the Philippines. Leaning towards China and...

Artificial Intelligence

Would You Upload Your Consciousness to the Cloud?

In my line of interests, futurism has always had a soft place in my heart. I’m eternally curious about what...

Korean Food

Mystical Jeju Island (Part 4 – Korean Food, Finally!)

If you’ve missed the first part/s of this series, I highly recommend reading them from the start by clicking here....

Slow Internet

Why Is the Internet in the Philippines So Damn Slow?

When I was in Singapore, I was online everywhere I went. I was online in the depths of Bras Basah...

Mt. Hallasan

Mystical Jeju Island (Part 3 – At South Korea’s Highest Peak, Mt. Hallasan)

If you’ve missed part 1 and 2, you can read it here and here respectively. If you have been following...


Mystical Jeju Island (Part 2 – The Cliff and the Fall)

If you’ve missed Part 1 – The Rainy Arrival, you can read it here. Welcome back to my South Korea...

Jeju Island

Mystical Jeju Island (Part 1 – The Rainy Arrival)

I’ve always been curious about Korea. I used to work for a Korean company, proofreading their English, and I learnt...