Jay-R Gatdula

Hi, I'm Jay-R.

In the fintech world, I'm a cryptocurrency and business development professional. 

In the other world, I write, travel, eat, and act normal.

This is the other world, er... part. 

Witness my adventures and insanity here.

The Man with the Cap
Crypto Ecstasy

My New Book Is Out! Know More about Crypto Ecstasy

So you may have noticed a huge gap in the content I’ve been spewing out these past few weeks. That’s...


It’s Happening – Robots Replace Writers!

Writers beware – not only are our humble scribblers ridiculously underpaid and in the bottom of the employment heap, they...

Battle with Sugar

Sugar Withdrawals – The Battle with Sugar

During the first week of doing paleo, I was distraught. I had half a bag each of brown and white...


Immortality – Take It, It’s Yours!

Ah, immortality – the clandestine desire of the heart. If you ask somebody if they want to live forever, they...


This Is Why I’m Doing Paleo

I used to have a really gargantuan disgusting beer gut. I like beer, and I like eating. However, there were...


Singularity, and Why We Should Be Wary of It

It’s time my friends for us to talk about singularity, and it’s not the point of being single or solitary,...


Singapore – A Home Abroad

I never thought I would regard any place outside the Philippines my home, but here we are. Singapore is a...


Westworld – An Intimate Look at Artificial Intelligence

“Have you ever questioned the nature of your reality?” It’s a question everyone who watches this HBO show is familiar...

Singapore Art Museum

Swinging by the Singapore Art Museum – South East Asian Contemporary Art

Hi, there! Hooray for art! So a while back, I’ve toured you around the National Museum of the Philippines. Well,...

Floating Cities

Are Floating Cities Actually Possible on Earth?

You’ve seen it somewhere – from an anime, a movie, a book, or a role-playing game based on Norse mythology:...